I'm a California transplant with a soft spot for big hair and surfer slang. Now settled in New York City, home of prime people-watching real estate, I've made a career out of examining human behavior and documenting why we act the way we do.

My writing has appeared in various magazines, newspapers and Web sites, including CNN.com, the New York Post and Psychology Today. Lifestyle articles are my beat, particularly those delving into the psychology of human relationships.

I also specialize in Web writing and social media. I've written articles that landed the front page of social bookmarking sites like Digg and Kirtsy, and I'm currently the editorial lead in developing, launching and growing Momster.com, Family Circle magazine's social network.

I love adventurous dining, dirty dancing and taking excessive photos while traveling far, far away. I spend far too much time indulging my Internet love/hate relationship and am a total nerd for the latest new media. I try not to take much seriously besides my work. I have yet to miss a deadline.

Unless it involves Viagra, fake watches or smuggling large sums of money out of Nigeria on behalf of your client, e-mail me — I'm always interested in discussing new projects.