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Jabberjaw Q&A: Gossip Hound Michael Musto

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

By Jocelyn Voo
New York Post

We live in an era in which stars go pantyless, call each other a “firecrotch” and have no qualms about hurling telephones at their underlings. No wonder gossip has become the coin of the realm.

Michael Musto, the Margaret Mead of the party set, has a tidy sack of that lucre. But while others merely observe stars in the wild, he’s spent the last 20 years turning his celebrity safaris into a travelogue of the glamorous, infamous and absurd.

And while he’s got enough ego to insert himself into every story – as well as just about every VH1 special ever made – he’s still humble enough to be seen cruising Sixth Avenue on his bike.

This week, Musto, who describes himself as being “between 40 and death,” releases a collection of his Village Voice columns, “La Dolce Musto.” He’ll be reading some of his favorites Tuesday night at the Barnes & Noble in Chelsea. Meanwhile, we tried to scrape up some fresh dirt on one of the city’s goofiest mudslingers.


NYC: Single, Sexy & Smoking Hot!

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

By Jocelyn Voo
New York Post

OVER the past five months, The Post surveyed hundreds of New Yorkers from all five boroughs on their dating and sexual habits. We crunched thousands of numbers and read scores of pick-up lines.

And frankly, at this point, New York, we don’t know whether we should high-five you or wash our hands.

In this town, the stereotypical “boy meets girl” courtship is an anomaly. In figures gleaned from daters in our Meet Market pages and visitors to, we found lots of singles – 45 percent, to be exact – happily hopping from bed to bed. That a lot of hot sheets, especially since New York is the second most single place in the nation, trailing just behind Washington, D.C.

The U.S. Census tells us that 46 percent of us are unattached, but only a Post poll could tell how many of us have tried to seduce someone just because they’re famous.

Or which borough is the sluttiest (Hint: It’s the one with “Fuhgeddaboudit” signs hung all over.) Or when it’s the right time to tell your love monkey about casual drug use.

And only a New Yorker could consider an affair with someone who lives five miles away “long distance.” But that’s exactly what 48 percent of Manhattanites think about all you borough-dwellers.

Regardless of whether it’s about bedroom behavior or general relationship quirks, the numbers don’t lie: New York singles have no problem kissing and telling.


Meet Market

Friday, September 29th, 2006

(sample NY Post weekly dating column, 8/06-12/07)

World Traveler Seeks First-Class Mate

At times, it seems like the N.Y.C. singles scene should come with a surgeon general’s warning: May cause permanent damage. Quitting dating now greatly reduces serious risks to your emotional health.

But some brave ones, like Allen, persevere. “You have to be out there, like with sports,” the 44-year-old sales manager says. “One bad night doesn’t end the season.” It can, however, leave a lasting impression. On his worst date ever, “She wanted to skip meeting for coffee and go right to Nobu for dinner,” Allen remembers. “It was our f irst date!” Gold diggers, if you’re looking for a sugar daddy, you’d best keep working your weave and acrylics in the Meatpacking District, ’cause you aren’t gonna get far with this guy.

Instead, the sports and wine enthusiast is looking for a modest woman to share his love of travel and fine food. “I’m attracted to women who are a little adventurous, humble and honest,” he says. “Eyes that tell the story are sexy.”

Ladies, if you want a shot with a guy who’s into Jimmy Buffet and likes to cook (and claims to be good at it, too), Allen might just be someone worth risking emotional asthma for.