Top Healthy Eating iPhone Apps

By Jocelyn Voo

Want to know the produce in season when you’re grocery shopping, or which fast food menu item is healthiest? New healthy food iPhone apps are making eating well easier than ever. Here’s a roundup of the best healthy eating iPhone applications so you can eat for your health, even when you’re on the go.

Grocery Gadget Shopping List

Why it’s cool: Say you wrote a grocery list, but left it at home in your rush on the way to work. Or perhaps your husband is already out, but doesn’t know which ingredients you’re lacking to make dinner. With this app, both these scenarios are

solved. Grocery Gadget Shopping List allows you to write a list on the Web browser and automatically sync up with your iPhone, so there’s less chance of accidentally leaving your list on the coffee table. Similarly, if you add a list on your iPhone, it automatically shows up on your husband’s iPhone, too (provided he also has the app). Bonus: This is one more way he can never “forget” to pick up tampons for you at the store.
Price: $2.99
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch

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