Bar Review: Dave’s Tavern

By Jocelyn Voo
New York Magazine online

Neon beer signs obscure the front window at this laid-back, proudly seedy hangout near Port Authority. And that crunching sound under your feet? Those would be peanut shells, tossed to the floor alongside the long wooden bar by the regulars who snack from a 20-gallon plastic tub. The place attracts an almost exclusively male bunch of drinkers; unobtrusively friendly guys (perhaps due to the $5 vodka tonics) who’ll let a single girl enjoy her Bud Light without being hassled. And when it comes to a rousing bar-wide sing-a-long of Billy Joel’s "We Didn’t Start the Fire," everyone’s welcome to raise a voice or a bottle in unison.

574 Ninth Ave., New York, NY 10036
nr. 42nd St.

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