Niche Love!

No luck in the general dating pool? Try these sites.

By Jocelyn Voo
FHM | March 2006

For the jacked

Lovelorn bodybuilders can hit—it’s like creatine for the meathead’s soul! But dopers beware: Owner Paul Becker maintains a zero-tolerance policy on bacne and shrunken nads. “We take a strict stance against steroid use,” he says.

$50 for three months.

For lot lizards

According to owner Harlen Jacobsen, is the place for ladies seeking trucker love. “There aren’t many women browsing the ads, so they do well,” he says. “If this is your cup of tea, this is where you should be.”

Free one-time 40-word ad

For the afflicted

Disabled? Head to, a handicapped dating site. “Sometimes we get fake amputees,” warns founder M. Brian Smith. “Once a girl posted a sexy photo of herself with no arms and legs — but it was obvious she’d erased them with Microsoft Paint.”

Free to browse; $30 for three months